Warranty Policy

1. Genex Product Warranty Policy

  • Products provided by Genex will be covered under the manufacturer’s and/or official distributor’s warranty policy. Whether the warranty is carried out on-site or at the service center depends on the specific warranty policy of each manufacturer.
  • If you require a special warranty or maintenance, please contact us to supplement or change the warranty and maintenance method to suit your specific conditions.

2. Regulations on Product Warranty Responsibilities

  • For products that come with a warranty certificate from the manufacturer or importer: Please contact the warranty service center directly for assistance. The information about the warranty service center is indicated on the warranty certificate accompanying the product.
  • In case you are unable to go to the warranty service center, you can request us to arrange the product for warranty service.
  • For products that come with a warranty certificate from Genex: Genex will be responsible for implementing the warranty according to the regulations stated on the warranty certificate accompanying the product.
  • In-home warranty service is only applicable to bulky products (such as beds, cribs, outdoor toys…) within Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Warranty Costs

  • Transportation: Genex provides free transportation for products sent for warranty service.
  • Other incurred costs (component replacement, etc.): Customers shall bear the costs according to the warranty policy of each brand.

4. Cases not covered by warranty

  • Products without a manufacturer’s warranty certificate.
  • Products that have exceeded the warranty period.
  • Warranty certificate with incomplete basic information. Product information does not match the information on the warranty certificate.
  • Damaged equipment due to mechanical impact, deformation, dropping, cracking, scratching, damage caused by moisture, rust, water leakage, intrusion of animals, or force majeure events such as natural disasters, fires, use of improper voltage, explosion or human-caused damage.
  • Lost warranty certificate, torn warranty label, no longer have warranty label, tampered warranty label, or modified warranty label (including original warranty label).
  • Disassembly or repair by individuals or technicians who are not employees of Genex without authorization.