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Starting solid foods for babies is also the time when mothers embark on a new journey. Instead of being busy in the kitchen preparing and steaming, then grinding everything… Fatzbaby’s Pro 3 FB9620SL weaning food processor will be an indispensable support tool in the kitchen, helping mothers save time and simplify the process of making weaning food for their babies while still ensuring complete nutrition for the child.


  • Integrated 2 functions: With a compact and modern design, the Fatz Baby Pro 3 FB9620SL baby food processor integrates 2 functions: steaming and blending, making it easy for mothers to use while saving time for cleaning and sanitation.
  • Modern and convenient machine design:
    + One side is used to contain water for steaming, with water level markers on the outside for mothers to refer to when steaming different types of food with varying hardness.
    + The other side includes a blending jar and a transparent steaming basket that are nested together. The steaming basket can be removed, making it extremely convenient for mothers to clean the equipment or remove the cooked food easily.
  • 4-blade blending blade: Unlike the PRO1 and PRO2 steaming and blending machines as well as other machines on the market, the PRO is specially designed with a sturdy blending column and a 4-blade blending blade that ensures smooth blending and is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
  • Cook food in just 15 minutes by steaming: Steaming is a healthy cooking method that modern mothers prefer because it can preserve the vitamins and nutrients in food. The FB9620SL machine can steam a variety of foods, including vegetables, meat, and fish, in just 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Blend all types of food from fine to coarse: The digestive system of young children is not yet fully developed, so mothers should blend food to help their babies gradually get used to solid food and easily experience the flavors of different types of food. Additionally, the FB9620SL has two blending modes: HIGH BLEND and LOW BLEND, which are highly effective. With its four sturdy blades, mothers can blend food from fine to coarse, from raw to cooked, without the need for different types of machines.
  • 400ml blending jar capacity: This is currently a large capacity on the market, allowing you to blend food for older children as well as for your entire family.
  • Includes a function to heat up food: When using the water tank, the hot water heating component also helps to warm up frozen food stored in the refrigerator.


  • Plug in the power and press the power button.
    => Mode 1: Steaming
  • Pour 230ml of water into the water tank.
  • Place the food to be steamed into the steaming basket.
  • Cover the lid of the container and lock it.
  • Select the steaming function button.
  • After 15-20 minutes, the machine will complete the steaming process.
  • The machine has a thermal protection function when overheated: the steaming mode will automatically shut off when the water runs out.
    => Mode 2: Blending
  • Attach the blending blade to the blending container.
  • Place the food to be blended into the blending container.
  • Cover the lid of the container and lock it.
  • If you want to BLEND FAST, turn the knob clockwise, and turn it counterclockwise if you want to BLEND SLOWLY.
  • When the food is blended to the desired consistency, stop the machine and open the lid.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: When you purchase 1 PRO 3 baby food steamer and blender, you will receive a complimentary set of 6 food storage cups. This promotion will end when the gift is out of stock.

Baby Food Storage Box (NEWBORN GIFT)
Capacity: 140ml/oz. Quantity: 6 cups. Manufacturing date: see on packaging. Expiration date: 5 years.
● Ideal for storing baby food and managing portion sizes.
● Suitable for the starting stage of weaning – for batch cooking pureed fruits and vegetables.
● Great for storing breast milk.
● Saves space in the refrigerator, avoiding waste as you can only thaw what you need.
● Has ml markings to show the amount of food per serving.
● The lid and box are made of 100% transparent plastic, allowing you to see the amount and ingredients of the food inside the box.
● Comes with a leak-proof lid and easy-to-use lock.
● The boxes can be stacked tightly in the tray to prevent them from spilling in the freezer.
● Safe for use in dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers.


  • Do not pour water over 230ml to ensure the durability of the machine.
  • Check that the bottle cap is securely locked before use.
  • Use distilled or filtered water to reduce the possibility of calcium buildup.
  • After a period of use, calcium deposits may appear on the machine’s base. Mothers can remove calcium deposits with citric acid or vinegar.
  • Keep out of reach of children when the machine is in use.
  • This device is NOT intended for the following purposes:
    + Steam food evenly for over 30 minutes
    + Grind before steaming
    + Cook rice or noodles
    + Grind hard foods like ice, sugar cubes, and frozen foods, or sticky foods like cheese.
  • After each use, pour out the excess water in the machine base and clean the machine parts thoroughly.


  • Water tank capacity: 230ml; Food blender jug: 400ml;
  • Power supply: 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz;
  • Power: steamer 400W + blender 130W.


  • Somen noodles
  • Pork and vegetable porridge
  • Shrimp porridge
  • Cheese porridge
  • Chicken porridge

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