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55.000 VNĐ

Origin Thailand Tags,


• High – Quality Polypropylene (PP).
• Heat Sensing Tip cleverly becomes white colour if the food is too hot, reducing the risk of burning baby’s sensitive mouth. • Small Shaped Handle makes feeding easier and encourages babies to reach out and learn to feed themselves.
• Integrated Hygienic Base enables to place the spoon on the table or any flat surface without getting the spoon tip dirty.
• Durable & Dishwasher – Safe.
• Boiling, Microwave & Steam Sterilizer Use allowed.

How to check food temperature:

Dip the tip of the spoon in heated pureed baby foods to check if it’s too hot. If the tip turns translucent, the food is too hot for baby to eat. Remove the spoon and the spoon in the cold water, the tip turn to original color. Wait for food to cool, dip the tip again in the food, and if the tip is no longer discolor, you can feed your baby.

Instruction for use

• Clean & sterilize the product thoroughly before first use. Always wash immediately after each use.
• Always supervise your child during feeding.
• Always check the temperature of the food before offering to your baby.
• When not in use, keep the spoon always clean in a dry place.