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Fatzbaby double boiling cooker – STEW 1 – FB9107ZT

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A double-layered boiling pot, also known as a water bath pot, cooks food based on the principle of using steam and the heat of boiling water to cook food. Boiling water always reaches a maximum temperature of 100°C and therefore, when cooking, food is cooked slowly at a low temperature, minimizing the risk of boiling over or burning. Special dishes like porridge and stewed dishes will retain their full nutritional value and natural flavor. The STEW 1 is designed with a cute appearance and comes with three preset basic cooking modes, along with convenient features such as countdown timers, scheduled cooking, and warming functions.


The principle of the sous-vide cooking method

  • The double-boiler pot is specially designed with two pots. The cooking ingredients must be placed inside the smaller pot, then put into the larger pot of boiling water. The smaller pot is made of ceramic, which conducts heat slowly but has excellent heat retention capabilities. The inner lid prevents steam from escaping, while the dome-shaped outer lid keeps excess water from leaking out.
  • The water in the outer pot must be regularly replenished, ensuring that no liquid evaporates and thus no nutrients or flavors are lost. This allows the food to retain its essential oils, flavors, medicinal properties, nutritional value, and moisture, maximizing its benefits.

Based on the above principle, the sous-vide cooking method provides several convenient features such as anti-spill, anti-burn, and energy efficiency.

Outstanding features

  • The cooker has 3 preset cooking modes: SOUP/ PORRIDGE/ STEW (FISH STEW), which can be adjusted to the appropriate cooking time for the ingredients and taste. In addition, there is also an automatic keep warm mode after the cooking process is completed.

  • The pot is controlled by buttons and an LED screen that displays time (timer, countdown, and warming time). The operation is simple and convenient.
  • The safe ceramic pot comes with a steaming rack to steam eggs and various vegetables and fruits.
  • Safe material: With a modern design made of ceramic material, it is non-toxic, anti-overflow, anti-scratch, and easy to clean… Fatz Baby’s water bath pot deserves to be an indispensable item in families with babies entering the weaning phase.



  • Before use, please wash the lid and ceramic pot with warm soap and dry thoroughly. Clean the pot after each use.
  • After cooking, use gloves when holding the lid and ceramic pot to avoid burning.
  • When opening the lid from the ceramic pot, hold the knob and lift slowly to let the steam escape. Always keep the lid on to avoid steam from hitting your hands, arms, or face and causing burns.
  • DO NOT add cold water to a hot ceramic pot.
  • DO NOT heat an empty ceramic pot or a pot without water.
  • After use, turn the control knob to OFF and unplug the power cord.
  • Pour food leaving a 2cm gap from the rim of the pot to avoid spilling when the food is cooked.


  • Power source: 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz;
  • Capacity: 0.7L;
  • Power: 120W.
  • Weight: 1.5kg;
  • Dimensions: 18.2 X 18.0 X 17.0 cm.