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Electric steam sterilizer Fatz baby

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Using the power of water vapor, the electric sterilizer quickly and easily disinfects baby bottles, dummies, breast pumps and more within just a few minutes.

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·    Suitable for all brands of bottles
·    Sterilize 6 standard or wide-neck bottles in 8 minutes. Keeps the content sterile for 3 hours.
·    Kill all household bacteria
·    Bright power indicator
·    Compete with tongs. Cable compartment in device base.
·    Save energy – only 500 Watt power consumption


1.       Remove all accessories from the device. Extend out the mains cable to the required length and pour exactly 75 ml of tap water (measure with baby bottle or graduated beaker) into the heating jacket.
2.       Insert the bottle basket and insert the baby bottle for disinfection (mouthpieces pointing downwards). Place the tray onto the retainer bar and lay the bottle accessories into it (teats, etc.)
3.       Close the device cover. Connect the mains cable to the power supply.
4.       Press the ON button to heat up the water. The red warning lamp is lit while in operation. After about 2 minutes, the water temperature is 1000C.
5.       After completion of the heating-up phase, the electric sterilizer being to sterilize. The duration of the sterilization process is 6 minutes. After completion of the sterilization process, the device automatically switches off.
6.       After sterilization, the content of the device remains sterile for about 3 hours if kept in the device with cover closed.
7.       If the items in the device are required immediately, disconnect the device from the power supply and allow it to cool down a few minutes. Now all of the items in the device can be removed (bottles using the bottle tong included) and the remaining water poured out.
8.       Before using the device again for disinfection, the device must be allowed to cool down for at least 8-10 minutes so that the thermostat resets to its original position. Disconnect the device from the power supply after sterilizing your items.
Note! After the disinfection process has started, it can only be stopped by disconnecting the power supply.