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Ice-pack (2pcs) – Frozen 1 – FB0020VN

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Dry ice made from water is completely safe and convenient for keeping milk and drinks cold as well as other foods when traveling. The 2 pieces of dry ice are convenient to use with bags or backpacks for moms.


Function: Keep milk/food cold and preserve them. There are 2 scenarios in which you may need this product:
1- When a mother pumps milk but is not at home to put it immediately into the fridge, then she needs to keep the milk cold while on the way back home. With this dry ice combined with a bag or backpack for storing the milk, the milk can be kept cold for up to 12 hours.
2- When a mother needs to keep the milk that was just taken out of the fridge, or to keep cold food and drinks in the fridge while going outside: for a picnic, travel, or when moving by train or car, etc. With 2 pieces of dry ice and a storage bag, the baby’s milk or baby food can be kept from getting spoiled.
Design: The shell is made of non-toxic and durable Polypropylene (PP) plastic that can prevent bacteria growth.
● Only pure water is used to make the ice (one-time use only for the first use).
● Suitable for 3 milk storage bottles.
● Ideal for traveling.
● Keep the mother’s milk cold for up to 12 hours(**) with a cold storage bag when pumping milk while on the move.


(1) For the first use, open the lid and fill the bag with pure water. Ensure that the water volume does not exceed 600ml, as the water volume will increase after being frozen. Pouring water is only performed once, no need to pour again for reuse.
(2) Firmly close the lid and wait for 15 minutes.
(3) Chill the ice pack for 8-12 hours before use.
(4) After the first use, the product can be used multiple times.
Warning: Keep out of reach of children ● Do not heat the cold pack and dispose of it if the product is damaged or deformed.


Size: 21x10x5.5cm (1 piece).
Quantity: 2 pieces
Weight: 0.38 kg.
Manufacture date: See on the packaging.
Shelf life (after the first use): 2 years.
1. Shell/lid: Polypropylene plastic
2. Cold-retaining gel: Acrylic polymer.

(**) Cold retention time for 3 bottles x140ml of breast milk using 2 pieces of FATZBABY ice packs.

Note: The product only includes 2 ice packs, other accessories are not included.